A pop culture problem in the United States is overqualifying everything and because of that we are easily seperated and misinformed.

Is it good, Is it bad? That's pretty, that's right, that's so wrong.That's sick bro. I lean left, I lean right. Is it a sin, is it fair, is it greedy? That's so easy, that's too hard. Is it fatfree, is it low sodium, how many calories?

No one can just say what it is nowadays without attaching a qualifying statement. The pundants on T.V. can't be blunt, they get paid to qualify everything. News and information is almost a falacy as the common sources are more like informercials with commercials treating us like idiots to be convinced that they're on the case to figure out what makes us happy, just stay tuned.

I'm sure at this point more people uphold to the high standards of television than any holy book. Either way it goes to show that following anything blindly is a way for mass information. Morality can't be qualified as good, bad, right, or wrong. Morality is a law itself. Like gravity, if I don't stand I'll fall, simple.

Same if someone steals things, kills people, sleeps with someone's lover, treats people like they're second class, flaunts what they have to further make people feel like they're second class, and want people to suffer are qualified assholes. We've all been assholes from time to time, but our culture, letting misinformation determine how they qualify everything, has us practicing asshole as a lifestyle.

Then they're are preditory assholes, they stand at the pulpit, sit on anchor desk, run banks, run for office; that know how to spell apologize backwards but only "change" the same as a parasite does to conserve its host.

Still it's allowed in the United States because of promises being made we don't need kept, for things were better off without.

Take this pill, it'll wake you up. This will make you smile, that will make you focus, I see the purpose of the typical pharmaceutical pill as a side effect and the diarrhea and the sucidal tendencies as the whole point of the pill. Killing us one by one is qualified because people have the freedom to make their own choices, even though it's poison labeled as medicine.

That's why meat fills the seats, bills fill the till, why we swipe the plastic because we gotta have it. Nothing changes because somehow the "freest" nation in the world, which we have to build fences to guard our utopia, has citizens that are convinced their lives and actions are mutable and meaningless.

The United States in a muse, picking sides, qualifying arrogance and hate, rather than tolerance and creativity. All the while ignoring how many paychecks go to support corporations.

How many clothes and shoes do we have because of its brandname and not it's quality? What kind of trash do we accumulate with the same labels and logos? That's our cash, that trash, and the investment made furthered that name, not ours, because it does a good job at satisfying a need that's not real.

That's the grand scheme, provide a medium that's veiled as a source of information, then use misinformation to make people want to buy what they don't need.

Watch a "special report" on America's obesity problem followed by a McBurgerPizzaNaBox commercial for the FiveFoot12PoundStuffedCheeseTaco. It's low in fat, qualify it and people will buy it.

Is it rational that United Staters live this way? We over pay for gas when we've been where it comes from for ten years, over pay for health insurance that keeps us sick. We have a justice system that puts the poor in jail but lets thieves of billions of dollars from millions of people walk free.

Our food is poisoned with chemicals and our water, that's natural, is sold is plastic bottles for a dollar a pop. To make it worse were distracted that someone else's success is some how a threat, and if their inferiority is qualified in anyway it's a double threat.

We recieve more misinformation than we could possible digest and its acceptable because its qualified by some imaginary standard.


Today I embark on a 90 day journey called the Body For Life challenge. At the end of the 90 days I could enter a contest to be a champion.

I will be judged 50% outside transformation and 50% inside transformation. In order to qualify you must register at the website.


Then you will be required to take a before picture, take your body weight and body fat percentage at least three days before day one. It is also required that you use an EAS product once during the 90 days challenge. Click the link for more information.


The plan outlined in the program requires strength training 3 times a week and a 20 minute cardio for another 3, getting one day of physical rest and a break from the diet, not that it will leave you hungry, the meal plan calls for eating 6 meals a day.

The enjoyable thing about the program is that the workouts are as much mental as they are physical. It focuses on hitting high points and breaking personal best records.

I found the Body For Life book and the journal at different second hand stores, but I'm sure you could find it online too. The journal isn't as necessary as the book is, but it helps keep track of goals and progress.

They have a Body For Life app for GooglePlay and is coming soon for the AppStore.

As far as dieting goes I'm having a hard time not wanting to stuff my face with delicious 99cent temptations, but I've made it through the day. I have one more meal to enjoy, an EAS chocolate shake.

Yes I still am drinking whole milk and I used 1 table spoon of butter and salt to cook my carb free dinner. I am only human.

So I'm going to blog about it to hold myself accountable. I can't talk about it and not back it up, you people might judge me. So enjoy the stud that is my body in all it's glory. If all goes right it should be 9% less fat and 30 pounds lighter.

230 pounds 24.1 percent body fat.

Most of my life, I have always been one to think a little more but often it was interpreted as day dreaming or me mouthing off. This stomped on my confidence and therefore my creativity.

Hardly ever, though, did it stop my longing to satisfy my passion for deep thought and insightful intellect. It did however make it more difficult for me believe I was allowed to express my deepest thoughts.

I think of all the years I lied saying I was "okay" or "fine" to the question of how I was doing, when I'd pray for someone to talk to about how I'm feeling or what I'm thinking.

It happens to us as were children, always being hushed, always being rushed. Told to pay attention to something but be damned if you need clarification for insight.

Countless times getting yelled at by authority figures in front of classmates because I was just trying to get clarification. It shuts down the confidence of a kid and and most their desire to want to explore creatively.

So anytime you see a kid, it doesn't have to be yours, remember that the feelings they're experiencing are new, and haven't realized how much full of shit the world is.

I did not draw this, but it's awesome.

Wed, Aug 7, 2013



The long term effects as to weather or not you had an informed childhood won't be seen until adulthood.

One thing I'm noticing is how incredibly unprepared I am to handle certain adult situations.

For instance, in my childhood I was taught to respect the police, but in my adulthood I understand that the majority of their job is to find drugs and write tickets for moving violations.

I was also taught that cheaters never prosper and that there is always someone there to administer justice. Now that I am an adult I see corporate CEO's steal people's life savings, squander it, then those that administer justice give them our money to "bail" them out.

So now me and others of generation X sit stunned, if we would have learned not to trust police we would not fill your jail cells. If we cheated then the fiscal future wouldn't be in jeopardy.

So when I teach my kids lessons, I don't just think about the immediate benefit, but I will keep in mind that 20 years from now I don't want to look like a lying asshole.

Wed, Aug 7, 2013



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