Most of my life, I have always been one to think a little more but often it was interpreted as day dreaming or me mouthing off. This stomped on my confidence and therefore my creativity.

Hardly ever, though, did it stop my longing to satisfy my passion for deep thought and insightful intellect. It did however make it more difficult for me believe I was allowed to express my deepest thoughts.

I think of all the years I lied saying I was "okay" or "fine" to the question of how I was doing, when I'd pray for someone to talk to about how I'm feeling or what I'm thinking.

It happens to us as were children, always being hushed, always being rushed. Told to pay attention to something but be damned if you need clarification for insight.

Countless times getting yelled at by authority figures in front of classmates because I was just trying to get clarification. It shuts down the confidence of a kid and and most their desire to want to explore creatively.

So anytime you see a kid, it doesn't have to be yours, remember that the feelings they're experiencing are new, and haven't realized how much full of shit the world is.

I did not draw this, but it's awesome.


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